"I tried Mirigal at the suggestion of my sister-in-law. I was dubious about putting oil on my face, but now at 43, I’ve never received more compliments on my skin. My skin glows, and its Winter! A little goes a long way. Worth every penny!" - Windsor McKenna / Austin, TX 



Liz peace- model - Mirigal oil is one of the most light and delicate oils I have come across that instantly satiates my skins thirst and not just when applied but for hours. The lavender is immediately calming on my sensitive skin and leaves my skin feeling incredibly silky smooth. I can't get enough of it! 

Fanny Fournier - model actress  -  I met miriam on a photoshoot in 2013 she was telling me about a face oil she's working on and gave me a little sample to try ,  I have used all of it ,  and can't wait to get a hold of more, its amazing i use it day and night and bring it to the studio before make up applications , i love miriam and i love her oil .

Sara O’Grady - Head of Content and Creative   ’”This oil is  magical. It leaves my skin looking dewy and alive, and it smells downright delicious.”

Dru Mouser - actress - the first time i was introduced to mirigal oil was on set for a commercial shoot ,  it was in canada cold and dry weather , miriam came to the rescue with her magic oil , The results were nothing short of miraculous. Her own secret formula of essential oils, it immediately soothes and hydrates your skin. Quite frankly, it takes years off your face! , I apply it before my makeup and anytime I need a little pick me up around my eyes. Mirigal Oil is my secret.

Shannon and Cristian - We both work in the  business of looking good. Shannon as Hair colorist specialist & my partner in  dental we use Mirigal at night it  gives  skin a soft feeling of moisture with an amazing  pleasing calming scent ! We love Mirigal!

 Lisa Seiffert - model - novelist - Ive had dry, sensitive skin my entire life, modeling for over 10 years. I’ve become quite the product junkie. I’m constantly searching for the perfect oil that balances, tones and moisturizes. ` Its the one organ I have the most trouble with. If i were to pack one product now for traveling it would be mirigal high voltage oil. I use it am and pm. under my makeup or before i go to bed. This clean, pure blend makes my skin how it should be Easy