Miriam Azoulay


Industry insiders know that the key to perfecting skin tones lies in the hands of Miriam Azoulay.

From very early on in her career, Miriam tailored her skincare and makeup approach around this delicate “Magic Potion”, which creates a reflective, healthy glow on any skin type.  

Now, for the first time, Miriam has bottled the Luxurious Formula to share with all of you.

Miriam’s path toward developing Mirigal Oil began early on, as a globally-recognized and respected make-up artist, collaborating on new makeup lines, product launches as well as color and trend forecasting.



Miriam found these collaborations to be profoundly inspiring for her career. Her innovative and daring makeup looks have since graced the pages of global fashion magazines, runways, advertising campaigns and admiring celebrity clientele. 

Mirigal High Voltage Oil Ingredients are quite personal to Miriam. Her family in Morocco has been using them for generations for their health and beauty benefits.

"As a makeup artist, she won't start a face without it."

Long before lotions, creams, and serums, there was oil, used throughout history as cleanser, moisturizer and much more... and for good reason. Mirigal High Voltage Oil is Nutrient-rich and deeply hydrating, boosting the skin’s healing process to reducing irritation. And they make skin look amazing!


Portfolio:  MiriamAzoulay.com 


 Miriam Azoulay is a skincare & beauty entrepreneur who is highly regarded for her talents as a leading make-up artist with her work gracing the covers of fashion magazines, advertising, international runways, and celebrity clients. Always innovative and creative, Miriam realized her creations needed more radiance, and began using her own handcrafted oils to add the glow that made her signature looks highly sought after.



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