Prickly Pear
The molecular weight of this plant oil is almost identical match for skin, allowing it to absorb quickly and thoroughly , leaving skin soft and supply , rich in oleic acid vitamin K and E which stimulate collagen production to promote fast cell turnover, as well as nourishing and anti aging Omega 3, 6 and 9. It protects skin from harmful UV and environmental damage, known to protect skin from age spots, and excessive pigmentation. The seeds are cold-pressed to extract the essential oil and retain its full benefits. country of origin morocco, discovered in the West recently.


Argan Oil
Sustainably harvested premium grade, 100% Organic, comprised of 70% unsaturated essential fatty acids which work wonders to erase signs of premature aging. Stimulates renewal of healthy skin cells and boosts youthful elasticity while smoothing wrinkles and lines. Regulates PH balance of the skin, which in turn protects against sun exposure damage. Reduces skin inflammation and helps control and reverse skin disorders such as acne and irritated sensitive skin. Known throughout the Berber state in Morocco as the “Tree of Life.”


Camellia Oil
Camellia oil is a rich source of Palmistic and Omega-6 Linoleic fatty acids, as well as numerous anti-aging polyphenol antioxidants. It is non-greasy and an excellent all-around moisturizer for the skin. Camellia oil is an excellent emollient for keeping skin moist and supple Rich in oleic acid vitamins A, B, D and E as well as nourishing Omega 3, 6 and 9. protects skin from harmful UV and environmental damage.


Sweet Almond
This nut-derived oil packs plenty of antioxidants, such as monounsaturated fatty acids proteins, potassium and zinc, as well as vitamin E, which fight wrinkles by countering the degradation of the skin's collagen fibers. As an emollient substance, almond oil improves overall complexion and skin tone. popular in the Mediterranean region where the Almond tree was first domesticated.


Extracted from hand-picked Jojoba seeds by cold pressing method. Full of protein and amino-acids, Often called plant or phyto wax, its High levels of Vitamin E ensures its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, has been shown to positively affect wound healing, a non-comedogenic. Native of South America.


Rosehip Seed Oil
Harvested from the seeds of rose bushes, Rosehip Seed Oil is full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that are known to correct dark spots and hydrate dry, itchy skin, all while reducing scars and fine lines rich in Vitamin C which reduces the appearance of dark spots, and hyper-pigmentation. promotes healthy skin cell rejuvenation, which causes skin to glow and appear fresh and supple.

The Queen of fragrances, It takes tens of thousands of Rose Blossoms, to yield 1 ounce of Rose Essential Oil. That makes rose oil one of the most expensive essential oils, contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, has excellent emollient properties for moisturizing dry skin; it also offers antiseptic and astringent properties to treat acne skin, as well as anti-inflammatory properties.


100% Organic plants and botanics extracts..